Hanging Up Your Wedding Florals

Do you have a floral Installation Fixation?

If you are in the throws of planning a wedding, chances are you have seen quite a few amazing images of beautiful floral installations on Pinterest or in an email from one of the wedding inspiration leaders. From ceremony arches to chandeliers over the dining tables, don’t forget to look UP. These creations make a fabulous, swoon worthy statement that sets the tone for an unforgettable celebration.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about a floral installation.

1. Your venue matters. Ideally, you will choose a space with high ceilings, where attaching things to the walls or ceilings is permitted. Before you engage a florist, make sure you understand the venue’s policies. Not all venues are suitable for this type of décor.

2. You need to check on scheduling. Will the space will be open several hours before the event to allow the construction to be completed? The floral team will also need to strike after the party. Same night, or next day?

3. The placement of your installation is key. What is the design purpose? Will it create or enhance the ceremony, provide a wow moment as guests enter the reception, or provide a visual focus on the head table? Can it have more than one design purpose? See number 5 as well!

4. Size matters. Since you will want your florist to use good quality foliage and flowers, the size of your installation will be a big factor in cost. There is good news, though! Often times, when a statement piece is employed, a lighter touch can be used in other areas of the space, which helps balance the overall floral budget. For example, if there is a lengthy piece hung above a banquet table, it will be easier to let the installation do the talking, and go with light touches of greenery or blooms on the table itself. To put large centerpieces on the table could create an overkill situation.

5. You will want to work with a professional florist that has training and experience with installations, and in the case of Bloom Magic Weddings, experience in sustainable floristry. My friend and teacher Tobey Nelson refers to us as “the Mac Guyver florists” as we create beauty with chicken wire, branches, plastic pillows, twine, and well… supporting materials that break down after an event to either reusable pieces, or things that can be composted, or refashioned into second life bouquets. No toxic floral foam.

6. Last, but certainly not least, is cost. This is a combination of design, labor, materials, and sourcing. While the cost of floral installations varies widely, each is created specific to the space where it will be enjoyed. A great florist will be able to offer solutions that are within reach, by drawing from a vast knowledge of foliage and flowers, and looking to the season of the event for inspiration.

Recently, 0ur team has done a small floating greenery cloud over the sweetheart table, and a more ambitous 10 foot ivy and cedar greenery “burrito”, bedecked with hanging garden roses suspended in the foyer of a large home. The former project was priced at $600, while the latter (which needed ladders and 3 people) about $1,600. Bloom Magic Weddings enjoys the mechanical and aesthetic challenges of the 21st century wedding, and are limited only by our imaginations. To discuss your wedding flowers with us, click here.


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