From Seed to Ceremony

Why growing our own flowers is so important to us.

For so many reasons we could never expect, 2020 has been a challenging year for wedding industry professionals, indeed for all of us.  As a floral designer with roots (pun intended) in horticulture and countless days, hours, and seasons in the garden, I am truly thankful for the power of seeds.  While the pandemic began unfolding in March, we at Bloom Magic Weddings were doing what we always do in March:  starting seeds. Always a hopeful and gratifying experience!

Seeds of conviction, seeds of distinction.

Why do we grow seeds? At BMW, we believe in sourcing locally, and in American grown flowers. The flowers we sprinkle into a wedding from our cutting garden are often small batch, off the beaten path blooms that spice up our flower collections and provide interest and charm. We love making a personal investment in our couples, by growing for their weddings. There is such power in seeds, and what a powerfully magical moment when we hand off a bouquet or dress an archway with treasures from our garden! Like sending a child raised with love off into the world.

Our clients and their guests love our garden aesthetic. Our designs shine with unique layers of foliage and flowers that invite exploring gazes. In each event we create, we look for little moments where we cast a floral spell. This year, September 26 went through so much thought, anxiety and redesign for us, but it started back in January, and persevered with a crimson red scabiosa flower in our groom’s boutonniere (pictured). A floral designer has many options. For me and my team, “gathered and grown” is the way to go.

– Kirsten Gordon


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