Doing White Right!

Doing White Right – Tips on doing a white wedding!

There are always flowers for those who want to see them – Henri Matisse

What is it about white that inspires so many weddings? White wine, white cheddar, white chocolate, white Christmas, white album, white paint (oops, overwhelming… Benjamin Moore has 150 shades!) white tablecloth, white paper invitations, white dress, white flowers.   Transcendent and timeless, soft and muted or crisp and bright, simple yet complex, vintage or modern, white is always invited.  Here are some thoughts about making white right in your wedding flowers.

Your venue has a vibe. Dress it with white flowers that build on your aesthetic.

The venue you choose is in part because of your style and vision. Imagine a space with lots of glass and natural light in spring. Bring in boatloads of tulips, and you can go architectural modern, or whimsical with ribbons and colorful napkins. If you’re planning a winter wedding, tall amaryllis bulbs or Phalaenopsis orchids can pair with candles to bring a warm luxurious feeling. Ideally, you will work with your florist to create décor that compliments the venue and its layers, such as the table surfaces, lighting, and formality or flexibility of the room. What feeling do you want the flowers to evoke? It’s fun to play.

Soaring to new heights – Think 3D with your florals.

White, and its frequent supporting artist green, can do amazing things. The truth is, white can be flat if you don’t think though the space. Think beyond the traditional centerpiece and try using florals in a fresh innovative way. You add interest, and your guests will remark about how lively the space is as they explore. Consider mixing in taller centerpieces in glass or on gold stands, creating potted trees that transition from ceremony to reception, or suspending a floating cloud of blooms and greenery over a sweetheart table. Whatever your style or style mix, you can make your space go from good to great by employing different dimensions to show off your simple yet complex color theme. If this sounds good to you, we want to talk! Bloom Magic Weddings loves making statement pieces that tell your love story in a uniquely you way.

The Finer Things – White details are the ultimate accessory.

In planning a wedding, we start with color and eventually move into the flowers. Some of the the most beautiful moments with white (or any color, really) can happen in the detail flowers, which are often seasonal treasures that really shine at certain times of year. Lily of the Valley in late spring, or a whirling zinnia flower  in summer, or a stunning black and white anemone pairing with winter greens, play beautifully in a bouquet or boutonniere. Imagine your guests seeing the delicate interplay of whites in your flowers, as you walk down the aisle. These blooms may not be seen from a distance, but they add texture, sweetness and rhythm and make a powerful bespoke moment.

How to design personal flowers is usually a combination of inspiration pictures the couple brings, along with looking at the clothes the couple wears for the wedding. The personal flowers are an extension of their outfits. At BMW, we sketch out our couple’s personal flowers, which is both a preview and a keepsake. And let’s face it, it’s a nice day for a white wedding. And you don’t have to invite or play Billy Idol, if that’s not your thing. But white always deserves a chance.

– Kirsten Gordon


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