How to Hold your Bouquet and Keep it Lovely All Day

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The flowers carried down the aisle are often one of the most thought about and distinctive elements of a wedding. Read these tips to make the most of your bouquets, and you will shine!


We know your bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets need water to look their best, so we include vases of water when we deliver your blooms.  Keep them in the vase when you are not using them. Avoid touching petals, the oil in your skin can bruise or discolor them.  Take them out a few minutes before you will carry your flowers, and lay on a towel or paper towel so the stems can dry.  You can blot the stems if needed. If you get water on your clothes, don’t freak, it is pure water and won’t stain, and you will dry off quickly.


In hot weather, avoid direct sunlight, and consider a second bridal bouquet if you have a busy photo session planned pre-ceremony. Having a backup will assure your flowers are fresh and not wilted from touring the area getting those perfect local landmark images. In cold weather, watch out for flower exposure when freezing temperatures occur. Flowers can freeze in just 10 seconds, and they may shatter or turn brown shortly after. Use caution taking winter pictures outdoors, and wait until after the ceremony so your flowers are gorgeous and intact.


When you receive a bouquet from Bloom Magic Weddings, you will know where the back (facing you) is because there will be one or more pearl pins showing you the way. The best way to carry a bouquet is to hold it with both hands, resting your arms at your hips. Sometimes, bouquets are carried too high, which can cover the bodice of your dress, or make your shoulders creep up, making you look tense. Stand tall and relaxed with your shoulders back and arms slightly bent. You’re ready for that grand entrance!


As you carry your blooms, you will want to tilt them forward from your body an inch or two, so everyone can see the beautiful flowers, greenery, colors and textures. If you hold the bouquet tight against you, most of the artistry will be pointed at the ceiling. So be a bit of an open book. This makes photographers and florists happy, and you’ll be happy later when you see the photos.


If you are the one getting married, your bouquet will probably be the most photographed floral element of the day. So work it! Although we design bouquets to look stunning from every angle, you will want to take a minute and play with how you hold it. You may need an arm or two for loved one(s) to escort you up or down the aisle, so practice holding your bouquet with one hand. Get comfortable in front of a mirror, and don’t hesitate to ask your florist any questions. We are here to help all through the process, and we hope you love your flowers as much as we love sourcing and designing them just for you, your signature accessory for this most special day.

– Kirsten Gordon, Bloom Magic Weddings Founder and Lead Designer

Photos by Joshua Harrison Photography, J Tan Photos, KHG Images, Ashley Hamm Photography.  Bouquets by Kirsten Gordon


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