Your Intimate Restaurant Wedding

Restaurant weddings have been a great option forever, and now that we are in the age of social distancing and planning smaller more intimate weddings, the restaurant venue is making even more sense.  With fantastic food at the forefront (which, by the way is what many couples say is the #1 priority for the guest experience) and the ambience and décor largely taken care of for you, planning a wedding can be a breeze.  This seems to be the go-to idea of the moment, as couples may not want to wait for a faraway date and compete with others who have filled the calendar with rescheduled events.  Here are some thoughts about how to enhance your restaurant space with flowers.


Learn what the restaurant has to offer and choose one that will work with your vision.

For a directory to help you hone in one your venue, see Open Table Private Dining  You may be looking for something basic with a vibe that says you, or enjoy a place that will do little things liked a colored napkin, votive candles, or customized menu cards.  An area to take vows could be an embellished mantel in front of a stately fireplace, or a simple scattering of rose petals in the center of a room flanked by dining tables.

Consider the style of your restaurant space and work with it.

While you may have considered lush elevated centerpieces dripping with hydrangeas and hanging crystals for a ballroom space, your intimate restaurant space may be more casual.  Smaller pieces with interesting details, such as clusters of vintage bottles in loose families, may be a better way to go.  A simple design that is repeated can also have a chic modern appeal, such as a wedding we did with glass moon shaped vases and orchids – the story was simple yet complex as the glass, the water, and the blooms made an architectural statement in a mid century restaurant. The union of interesting vessels and well chosen flowers can create a light and festive look with just a few stems. 

Let the room be your guide in choosing your floral color palette.

If you want a colorful flower scape, choose a space with neutral walls and quiet details that support your blooms without competing. If your space offers color, such as painting on the walls or upholstery, your flowers can pick up one of these hues. Of course, a neutral organic flower approach such as green and white can work in just about any setting. Here we see quiet flower colors that signal summer turning to fall, complimenting the gorgeous coral walls.

Make an elegant sentimental statement with family vessels.

If there is a beloved vase or collection of glass pieces in the family, share this with your florist and see how these treasures can be incorporated for your special day. An autumn wedding that featured a cinnamon colored vase which was presented to the bride’s mother when her parents celebrated their 25th anniversary, was a beautiful enhancement that brought a joyful story to the day.

At Bloom Magic Weddings, we care about your flowers, before, during and after the event. Consider creating centerpieces that can be donated or taken home by the guests. Great quality flowers will last for several days beyond the wedding, and will touch all those who share their fragrance, beauty and good cheer. 

There are so many ways to style a room.  We are happy to help you plan your wedding flowers!

   – Kirsten Gordon



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